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Pet Retreat Sunshine Coast

Our custom designed dog chalets are truly five-star accommodation for your fury friend!

With comfy lounges, cushioned beds, reverse cycle air-conditioning, and calming music playing quietly, our chalets have been built for maximum comfort.

Each chalet has its own private garden, giving your pet their own space to enjoy the outdoors and a safe place to go to the toilet.

Our guests enjoy their own bedrooms so they can eat and sleep in comfort and safety. We dedicate time each day for fun and play with other guests so your pet can enjoy some social time as well.

Our chalets are spacious if you would like your fury friends to stay together. You are welcome to bring their own blanket if they sleep with something they cannot part with. Please ensure it is cleaned and labelled.

Dog chalets and gardens are cleaned and serviced at least twice daily.

Meal times

Meal Time At Sunshine Coast Boarding Kennel

At FurKids Retreat, we watch over your pet carefully to ensure they eat and drink well during their stay. Meals are served inside the chalets to ensure all dogs receive their own food and we can keep records on how much they are eating.

We have never found a fussy eater who doesn’t eat our meals and treats, however we do understand some dogs need to be on special diets for various reasons. If you would like to provide your own food you are very welcome and this can be arranged at the time of booking.

We only serve top quality food here at FurKids Retreat:

  • Our guests receive one main meal a day and meal time is usually mid-afternoon
  • We provide a variety of meal options and we will determine the best option for your beloved pet during your ‘Meet and Greet’ session
  • The main meal consists of veterinarian-approved meat, cooked rice and steamed vegetables
  • We use top quality produce, low in fat, nutritious, gluten free and celiac friendly
  • No preservatives, colours, flavours or additives
  • For those with a sensitive tummy, we also offer a special roll that is Australian made and recommended by top veterinarians
  • All guests are offered homemade chicken treats four to six times throughout the day

If you’d prefer to provide your own dog food, you are welcome to do so.

Pamper time

Sunshine Coast Boarding Kennel Cuddles

Offering our guests cuddles and ample play time is our speciality here at FurKids Retreat.

Every day of their stay, your pet will be offered oodles of cuddles and we provide clean and safe fluffy toys and balls to play with.

For those pets staying for more than five days, they will be given a bath. We only use temperature controlled water and a hypoallergenic non-perfumed shampoo that aids in calming skin conditions and is environmentally friendly. If you would prefer your pet isn’t bathed during their stay, just let us know at the time of booking.