Guest Information

A Wellness Retreat for small FurKids

FurKids Retreat is unique as we only accepts small breeds or small mixed breeds of dogs.

What Type Of Dogs Are Accepted at FurKids Retreat?

ALL FurKids MUST be 10kgs or under (of course we will still accept those small FurKids who really enjoy their food…a little too much!) FurKid acceptance is based on breed weights listed in the Australian Canine Association Breed Standards.

ALL FurKids MUST be friendly and enjoy the company of other dogs  – as our guests socialise and play together.

ALL FurKids MUST be immunised with the C5 vaccination or C4/C3 with internasal Bordetella or equivalent at least 4 weeks before arrival. A Veterinary Certificate MUST be sent with booking.

ALL FurKids MUST be sterilised.

ALL FurKids needs to be treated for fleas and ticks prior to admission, if evidence of fleas are found, FurKids Retreat reserves the right to treat appropriately and charge the treatment to your account.  Queensland is a tick habitat, so it is best to provide tick protection.

Every care is taken with your FurKid during their stay but if veterinary assistance is required we will contact your preferred veterinarian. For emergencies we will use Chancellor Park Veterinary Clinic and the Animal Emergency Services – both are located only 2 minutes away from our facility and are on call 24/7.

Please note that dogs over 10kgs, are aggressive or bark continually will not be accepted.


Dog Chalets

Yes, the picture says it all. FurKids Retreat is a new concept in small dog boarding. Each chalet has their own garden and reverse cycle air-conditioning. Your furkid will have full use of the attached individual garden areas during the day, this allows them access to a more natural environment, both to play and to go to the toilet – or alternatively they can just sleep on the comfy lounges inside, listen to calming music and wander out at their leisure. Our guests have their own bedrooms where they can eat and sleep in comfort and safety.

Each chalet and garden are cleaned at least twice a day.

Want a whole chalet for your own furkids to use exclusively? You can now hire a chalet just for your furkids and their furkid friends to stay in. See our Rates page for more details.



Each FurKid has their own bedroom, complete with their own cushioned bed, similar to the one in the above photo. They are also served meals in their bedrooms to ensure no other FurKid eats it and we can keep records on how much they are eating. As our bedrooms are large, if you have 2 FurKids and you want them to sleep in the same bedroom we can arrange that – both FurKids will have their own cushioned beds to slumber on.

If your FurKid has their own favourite snuggle blanket that they MUST have, you are welcome to bring it along, but please make sure it is clean and dry and has their name on it. In reality you don’t need to bring anything as the comfort level of our beds and rooms are exceptional.

Bedrooms are serviced twice everyday.



Our Canine FurKids are served top quality food.

Our food contains no preservatives, colours, flavours or additives. We only use top quality produce, low in fat, nutritious, gluten free and cealiac friendly. In fact our treats are regularly taste tested by the Director of Fun and Logistics to ensure taste and texture are above standard – we also think he just likes them! (Don’t worry no humans are harmed during the testing of our treats!!!).

We serve the main meal in the late afternoon. This consists of cooked Australian chicken breast – no skin or bones (all our meat is human consumption quality not pet food quality), rice (we use Australian grown rice so we know what chemicals are used), vegetables (Australian grown pumpkin, sweet potato or/and carrot) and a gluten free Australian made biscuit.

For those little ones with a sensitive tummy we also have a special roll available that is made in Australia and is recommended by the ‘Bondi Vet’.

We give all our guests chicken treats at least 4-6 times throughout the day (treats are also made fresh onsite each week).

All FurKids are carefully watched to ensure they eat and drink well during their stay.

We have never found a fussy eater who doesn’t eat our meals or treats!

We do understand that some dogs need to be on special diets so if you would like to provide your own food then you are welcome to – just let us know on booking.


Pamper Time

Each day your FurKid will get cuddles and a relaxing massage (if they are in cuddle-mode of course!)…

If they are in play mode and want to play all day they can. We provide them with clean and safe fluffy toys and balls to play with.

For guests who stay with us for an extended period of time, on leaving FurKids Retreat your FurKid is given a bath. After your long trip away you can relax with your beautiful clean happy and cuddly FurKid at home. We only use temperature controlled fresh water for each bath and use hypo-allergenic, non-perfumed shampoo that aids in calming skin conditions, plus it’s environmentally friendly as all our water is recycled to water our gardens. If you don’t wish your FurKid to get a bath just let us know on booking.

Playtime, cuddles, massages and a bath are all included at no extra charge.