Guest Information

Our FurKids Cat Suites are large, airy and fun to be in – whether our guests are staying with us for the weekend or a few weeks.

ALL Feline FurKids MUST be immunised with the F3 vaccination at least 4 weeks before arrival. A Veterinary Certificate MUST be presented on booking.

ALL Feline FurKids MUST be sterilised.

ALL Feline FurKids must be treated for fleas prior to admission, if evidence of fleas are found, FurKids Retreat reserves the right to treat appropriately and charge the treatment to your account.


Cat Suites

All Cat Suites are large, spacious and can easily accommodate two large cats from the same family. They contain 6ft climbing gyms with scratching posts, comfortable beds and toys.

Each Cat Suite has a private outdoor area, complete with views and relaxing cushions. Fresh catmint, catgrass and catnip is supplied for the pleasure of our feline guests.

Our Cat Chalet is fully air-conditioned/heated and safe. We clean at least twice a day, the kitty litter we use is Australian made, environmentally friendly, safe for soft cat paws, dust free and contains no nasty chemicals.

Cuddles given regularly.



Each Suite comes complete with a cushioned ‘cave’ bed.  If you have 2 FurKids and you want them to sleep in the same bedroom we can arrange that – both FurKids will have their own cushioned beds to slumber on.

If your FurKid has their own favourite snuggle blanket or toy – that they MUST have – you are welcome to bring it along, but please make sure it is clean and dry and has their name on it.



Our Feline FurKids have Royal Canin ‘Sensible’ biscuits provided to graze on all day.

We also serve top quality Australian free range chicken breast in the evenings – all our meat is high (human) quality, cooked fresh each day.

Chicken treats are also made fresh onsite. Our treats contain no preservatives, colours, flavours or additives and we only use top quality produce – our treats are regularly taste tested by the Director of Fun and Logistics to ensure taste and texture are above standard – so he says, we think he just likes them! (Don’t worry no humans are harmed during the making of our treats).

All Feline FurKids are carefully watched to ensure they eat and drink well during their stay.

We have never found a fussy eater who doesn’t eat our meals or treats! However, if you would like to provide your own feed then you are welcome to – just let us know on booking.

Our meals, biscuits and all treats are included at no extra charge.


Pamper Time

Each day your FurKid will get cuddles and a relaxing massage – if they are in cuddle-mode of course!

If they are in play mode and want to play all day they can. Same goes in ‘just leave me alone I want to sleep mode’. We provide them with clean, safe, fluffy toys and fun things to play with, including great climbing frames and scratching poles.

Playtime, cuddles and massages are all included at no extra charge.