FurKids Retreat is the No.1 (and only) luxury pet care facility on the Sunshine Coast. We are not a ‘kennel’ or a ‘pet sitter’, we are very unique.  Only offering luxury accommodation – daycare or boarding – for small dog breeds (10kgs or under) and cats.

Situated on 10 acres in Tanawha, Sunshine Coast, the Retreat has been developed using eco-friendly materials, built in harmony with our Australian native flora and fauna. We are fully insured and council approved. Professional staff are onsite and care is given 24/7.

Especially created to cater for discerning small dog and cat owners who are simply not prepared to leave their FurKids in brick and concrete boxes or with unqualified, inexperienced strangers while they go away.

FurKids Retreat is here to ensure your FurKids enjoy the same high standards of care, love and attention they are used to at home.


Comfort & Cuddles

About Us

Sally is the director of Comfort and Cuddles with Lucy Lou (the chocolate mini dachshund) always by her side.

Growing up in Tasmania she was surrounded by many different animals – her passion and love for all things furry finally brought her to FurKids Retreat.

A Buderim local, with over 20 years working as a senior dental nurse, Sally brings her love for animals and medical knowledge to share with your precious little ones. Always showing a soft and gentle approach to both humans and animals, knowing Sally is at FurKids Retreat will give you peace of mind and ensure your furkid is in the best of care.

Due to Lucy Lou being diagnosed with IVDD, Sally also has the experience and knowledge with dealing and managing this disease.


Fun & Games

About Us

Erika has a passionate love for animals above anything you have ever seen. She is never too far from animals – even dreaming about them in her sleep!

You can count on Erika to keep your furkids healthy and exercised with lots of fun and games. Full of energy, combined with a gentle and loving nature, Erika has a calming affect on furkids which will help to sooth and relax them while they stay at FurKids Retreat.

An avid horse rider, currently studying in her senior years, Erika aspires to take on Veterinary Science at University.





The Boys

About Us

Deklen, Ashden, Lucas and Benson are the ‘boys’ of FurKids Retreat.

With these boys around you know that things will always be in tip top condition.

Lucas’ many years working in the building/construction industry will ensure FurKids Retreat maintains its facilities at a high standard, continuing to grow better and better with each year. While Deklen and Ashden, sporty animal lovers, will be riding the lawnmowers – keeping the property maintained and gardens flourishing. Finally, foreman Benson (the ‘dashie’) will keep an eye on the place to make sure the boys do their jobs right and the bush turkeys behave!!!

With these four boys onsite you can be reassured that your furkids will continue to stay in the best 5 star luxury available on the a Sunshine Coast.