Who We Are

FurKids Retreat is a unique luxury boarding facility. We are not a ‘kennel’.  We only accept small dog breeds that are 10kgs or under, and cats.

Situated on 10 acres in Tanawha, Sunshine Coast, the Retreat has been developed using eco-friendly materials, built in harmony with our Australian native flora and fauna. We are fully insured and council approved. Professional staff are onsite and care is given 24/7.

Especially created to cater for discerning small dog and cat owners who are simply not prepared to leave their FurKids in brick and concrete boxes or with unqualified, inexperienced strangers while they go away.

FurKids Retreat is here to ensure your FurKids enjoy the same high standards of care, love and attention they are used to at home.

Fun & Logistics

About Us

Anthony is the Director of Fun and Logistics. With a military background and an expert in WH&S, his focus is on FurKid safety and making sure everything works well and looks good onsite. He can often be found playing with our FurKid Guests making sure they get their daily exercise and are pampered to perfection. With Anthony around you have peace of mind that comfort and care is top priority.

Health & Happiness

About Us

Lorraine is the Director of Health and Happiness. She is a practising Canine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapist and has always been involved with animals – of all sizes and shapes – at work and at play. With numerous qualifications she has been involved in the vet/animal industry for over 30 years working with vets, zoo keepers, breeders, government and farmers. These, along with her management and training qualifications, ensures she is focused on the health and well-being of your beloved FurKids.

The Real Bosses

About Us

Milly and Muddy are the real rulers of FurKids Retreat. They are experts in taste testing and checking comfort levels. Nothing gets past them. The guest size was measured with Muddy in mind, he loves playing but often found that ‘with big dogs you get squashed’. While Milly, who is less boisterous, is always happiest with the home comforts…Because of them the idea for FurKids Retreat was born.